Environmental Certificate Exchange
Clean Skies for Communities



ECX processes and brands environmental attributes produced from
clean energy projects as Clean Skies for Communities. Electrical attributes are Clean Skies Certificates and Clean Skies Carbon Offsets. Carbon Offsets include the energy saved from energy efficiency projects, natural gas projects and recycling projects. 

Supporting clean energy is the reason why ECX was founded. Clean Skies for Communities promote solar, geothermal, wind energy and energy efficiency. These are clean energy and do not emit harmful particulate matter (the leading cause of asthma) or greenhouse gasses (the main cause of global warming). Clean energy leaves future generations of children with a legacy of clean skies. 

Learn more about how clean energy works, or if you're ready, go to the Sign-Up page and help your community!

Join us in our mission to help communities develop clean energy projects, and protect our environment. 
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